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Lotissement de Terracine



In the heart of the authentic wild South


Souillac is one of the oldest villages on the island and has preserved many traces of its past, such as ‘Le Batelage’’, name given to the port of the village, which is the last historical port of Mauritius and still in good condition.


Next to ‘Le Lotissement de Terracine’, there are still remains of the old sugar estate where a nursery has been installed. A little further on is the Rochester Falls and to the south, the cliffs of Gris Gris, one of the most beautiful hiking spots on the island, and the famous

‘La Roche qui pleure’.

In the South, in the middle of wide open spaces, life flows peacefully....

The lotissement de Terracine offers freehold plots of land at very affordable prices, 2 minutes away from the Souillac Batelage and 5 minutes from Rochester Falls, on the former Terracine sugar property.

The development benefits from all the facilities offered by the village of Souillac: a modern hospital, essential services such as the CEB and the CWA, and the Savanne District Court. The village also has many well-known restaurants and cafes, as well as a shopping centre with a supermarket, shops and a petrol station. 

Number of lots : 134 plots ranging from 80 to 150 toises

Geographic Location : Located on the former Terracine sugar estate in the south of the island, the development is 2 minutes from the Souillac Batelage, and 5 minutes from Rochester Falls and Gris Gris Beach.

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