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Vuillemin Estate 1

Your Agrinvestment by Alteo

Vuillemin Estate comprises of 240 plots of agricultural land ranging between 50 perches to 1 arpent. The site is located in Melrose.

Benefit from an innovative scheme to maintain your land with potential yields: upon investing in a plot, you have the possibility to opt for a hassle-free solution with total management service offered by Alteo Planters Services Ltd which would maintain and cultivate sugarcanes.

Should you wish to proceed with your own agricultural activities, our agronomist has identified a selection of crops suitable for the region such as tomatoes, bananas, pumpkins (giraumons) or pineapples, enabling you to qualify for grants.

  • Morcellement Permit Ref: MHL/M/2020-318
  • Only some minutes drive from Montagne Blanche and Quartier Militaire.
  • Construction of a building not exceeding 30m2 may be allowed.
  • Easy access to all plots.

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T: Amit Gureeb - 59424242 | Edouard Hart de Keating - 5940 2150 | Narain Sunassee - 5940 2140

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